Oct 13

Profile Momo Geisha, Vokalis Geisha Band

Momo Geisha , Vocalist of band Geisha. whose real name Narova Morina who was born on 07 June 1986. From the whole band Geisha, Momo just a religious Catholic, the other Muslim. Besides Pop, Momo It Also Can Some Types of Genre Music Mastering, Among Blues, Reggae, Rock, Dangdut, and Malay.

This is the complete profile Momo Geisha :

Full Name: Narova Morina Sinaga
Nick Name: Momo
TTL: Pekanbaru, 7 June 1986 RIAU
Zodiac: Gemini
Religion: Christian Protestant
Child to: 5 of 5 brothers
Name of Father: J. Sinaga
Name of Mather: T. Nanggolan
Ideals: legendary singer & inspiring many people
Hobbies: Singing, reading, browsing
Favorite Food:
Favorite Movie: Drama, action, romance.

Although the contrast of Religion, Momo Also admirer (Alm) KH Abdurrahman Wahid and he is very Liking Thought Abdurrahman Wahid Besides the National People What he liked best was BJ Habibie, Amien Rais, Anas Urbaningrum, and Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X.

Busy Behind As Vocalist Band , Momo Also Like Exercising. One of the favorite Sport is Basketball, Tennis, Pool, And Also Automotive.

Although it is well known, however Geisha Stay Down To Earth & Keeping Friendliness Between Artists & Fans. For friends who idolized vocalist on this one girl can be a follower tritter Momo Geisha in http://twitter.com/#!/MoMo_GEISHA

reference: forumdetik.com and thanks a lot to Momo Geisha & Geisha band.

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