Oct 12

Profile Sule, Comedian Indonesia

Entis Sutisna , 34, or known by the name Sule prikitiw or Sule OVJ. Reputedly one of the comedian’s most expensive this year. He touted income of 1 billion per month. Sule already married to a woman named Lina in 1997. They had traded selling fried chicken and kebaya. Because of this misery, Sule try their luck with buffoonery API auditioned in TPI.

Profile Sule Opera Van Java

Real Name: Entis Sutisna
Nick Name: Sule
Religion: Islam
Gender: Male
TTL: Ciawi, 15 November 1976
Profession: comedian, comedy, singer
Hobbies: droll, Singing
Ability: Mastering the various traditional musical instruments.

In addition to popular events through Opera Van Java (OVJ) in trans7, and Beware There Sule on Global TV, offers a gig coming like rain. Sustenance flowed profusely. Entis Sutisna, Ciawi man’s origin, this year was again in demand. He was familiar, and famous, with a call Sule, aliad Sunda Bule.

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But, Sule who had a difficult life never trade meatballs and fried chicken around it, remain modest. He chose to stay at the boardinghouse, although the bulk money was able to rent an apartment cost $ 7 million per month. “Better boarders here, Rp 2, 5 million a month. The rest could create other needs , “Sule said seriously.

Reference: sorot.vivanews.com and thanks to Sule Prikitiw

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