Apr 23

Profil dan Foto Evan Sanders

Name: Evan Sanders
Nick: Evan
TTL: Biak, Papua, November 8, 1981
Zodiac: Scorpio

Evan Sanders is a man born in Biak, Papua, 8 November 1981 who played in the entertainment world Indonesia. He is known as VJ MTV, also a film actress and singer.
As an actor. Evan starred DEALOVA and ROMAN. Meanwhile, in the singing world, Evan had a duet with singer senior Melly Goeslaw in his song About Him.

In a successful soap opera, ROMAN PICISAN, Evan portray teenage characters named Jodi, who is also a driver Chika (Nikita Willy).

Not only cultivate the field of acting and presenter, Evan began to explore the world of singing. The experience of previous duet with Melly Goeslaw, making Evan dare show off with the launch of her first album. Evan’s debut album was launched in August 2008 with the title UNFORGETABLE – SEBELAH MATA. Interestingly, the album contains seven songs, five songs of which were created by Evan himself.

Kolection Photo Evan Sanders

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