Oct 15

OVJ Roadshow Yogyakarta

Opera Van Java puppet show, played by humans. In Opera Van Java, Parto role as a puppeteer who has authority to set the story line in every scene. While the players who acted as a puppet, must obey all the commands spoken by the mastermind, therefore, the players are required to perform improvised scenes and dialogue quickly.

In addition, the uniqueness of this program is a plot known only by the mastermind, so the reaction and the spontaneous action of the players Opera Van Java which consists of Andre Taulani, Parto, Nunung, Aziz Stuttering and Sule will flow by itself.

And during this event can only be ditontong on the television screen, now OVJ Roadshow held in the city of Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta OVJ So for the fans and the surrounding areas can see a live opera event in the Field Brahma van java, Prambanan Temple Complex – Yogyakarta on Saturday, October 15, 2011, starting at 15.00 pm and at 19:30 pm. FREE!
Artists Opera Van Java (OVJ) when the Roadshow Bandung.

Fresh Entertainment is one of the flagship program of this Trans7 will appear in two sessions, namely sessions tapping, and direct broadcast (live). Tapping session will take place at 15:30 pm, with a story called ‘Love not as beautiful as Prambanan Temple’. While the live show with the theme of the story ‘Roro Jonggrang’ will take place at 20.00 pm.

Show Opera Van Java, Yogyakarta Roadshow is a series of flagship programs Trans7. In addition OVJ show, on a series of roadshows were also held other events such as Meet and Greet artists OVJ, Fishing Mania, Traces Adventurers, and Editor with fans who have been elected previously.

Also before the show at Prambanan, Saturday (15/10/2011) morning artists Opera Van Java, Fishing Mania, Traces Adventurers, and the Editor will hold a parade around the corners of the city of Yogyakarta to greet his fans. The parade will pass through the group Trans7 the main routes such as Jalan Mataram, Jalan Abu Bakar Ali, Jln Malioboro, Jln Sultan, Jln Kusumanegara, and will end at Jln Jackie.

Fresh Entertainment Opera Van Java itself has become an audience favorite program for nearly three years. In Prambanan tonight, a program that has produced 652 episodes will also feature a number of guest stars including, Letto, Ipank. In addition they will also collaborate with artists from Yogyakarta, such as, Yati Pesek, Soimah, and Marwoto.

Well you can imagine how funny they act on stage when collaborating with local artists who is equally thrill. Meeting these characters will be further highlight the humorous dialogues rather than physical action such as throwing property into fellow players.

reference: tribunnews.com and I Love U Full Opera Van Java.

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