Mar 17

Chua Bassis Kotak Band

Full Name: Swasti Sabdastantri
Nick Name: Chua
Born: Makassar, 3 April 1988
Stars: Aries
Favorite Books: Comics series Raditya Dika n Beautiful
Favourits Movie: Comedy, Action, Korean Drama

Chua (bassist Kotak Band) is given its own color to the sound and appearance of Band Box.

Chua knew the music since junior high school sitting on the bench in Makasar. His interest in music could not be separated from his brother that first dive as a musician.

Then he started learning the bass. After quite adept at playing bass, Chua often playing with his friends. Then when they moved to Surabaya began appearing on local television and cafes
when the lecture, the manager of an indie band called V-Mail interested to see action Chua plays bass while performing with the band campus. Finally, he was recruited V-Mail and had a gig at a number of events, including Festival 2008.

Manager of Kotak Band, who was looking for a bass player (to replace Icez), was also interested to recruit him. Chua was invited and began to strengthen Kotak band on the album “Kotak Kedua”.

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