Jul 18

Biografi Five Minutes Band

Five Minutes is a pop rock band from Bandung was founded in1994. Now, Five Minutes fronted by Ricky Tjahyadi (keyboards), Richie Setiawan (vocal), DRIE Warnanta (bass), Roel hilman (guitar), and Aria Yudhisthira (drums).


Five Minutes name selection has its own story. Ricky said, the band was formed 14 years ago. Starting in the early 1990′s, when Ricky and Drie to form a band that performed from cafe to cafe in the Bandung City.

In 1994, both are looking for personnel to complete the formation to follow the festival in Bandung. Ricky and Drie invite Sonny (guitarist) and Sanny (vocalist) by telephone. In less than fiveminutes, they managed to form a band to participate in the festival. That’s why they use the name Five Minutes. “Because the process is less than five minutes. So we chose that name, “said Ricky.

Great, although newly formed, they won the festival the bandwhich was followed by 102 participants from Bandung and Jakarta. The success was then led them into the studio.

Five Minutes first album was released in 1996. A year later(1997), they released their second album titled Five Minutes 2.


After the album The Best (2004), Sanny the vocalist and Sonny(guitarist) resigned. Ricky and DRIE was hunting new personnel.Finally Richie (vocals), Roelhilman (guitar), and Aria Yudhishthira (drums) complete the formation of a new Five Minutes. In June 2007, they released a new album titled Rockmantic.

Now, with fans of the band called fivers, it is preparing eighth album or the third album by the new formation. The songs in this album is different from most songs they ever released. According to Ricky, the concept of this album is more mature because of planned very well.

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